We currently operate two clinics from where we see patients for both booked appointments and at our regular Saturday morning walk-in clinics.  Both of our clinics are within a short walk of the major shopping hubs at Eaton and Australind.  Apart from our clinics, our doctors, from time to time, and depending on their sub-specialty, also attend to patients outside of the of the clinic locations. More details about the locations in which we practice are below:

Eaton Medical Centre & Skin Clinic

Eaton Medical Centre & Skin Clinic is located 200m from Eaton Fair Shopping Centre, next to the dental practice and across road from West Coast Radiology. The clinic has 9 GP consult rooms, a nurse consult room and 2 well-equipped separate treatment/procedure rooms. Bunbury Pathology is also located in the same building.

Australind Medical Centre & Skin Clinic

Australind Medical Centre & Skin Clinic is located behind (to the east) of Australind Village Shopping Centre.  It is located in close proximity the Physio Group South West and the South West Foot and Ankle Clinic. There are 5 GP consult rooms, one treatment/procedure room, 2 nurse consult rooms and a consult room for occupational and driving medicals, complete with audiometry booth. Bunbury Pathology is also located in the same building.

Bethanie Fields Nursing Home

Most of our doctors will either continue care or take on the care of residents entering Bethanie Fields Nursing Home (BFNH) and provide both regular visits as well as prompt review at the request of the resident, BFNH staff and/or the resident’s family.  The practice also operates an on-call doctor roster that ensures 24-hour care is available to our nursing home patients.

South West Health Campus

Some of our doctors and nurses also work at Bunbury Hospital and/or St John of God Hospital with varying frequency depending on their roles. Both Dr Martin Gadd attends deliveries and has admitting rights at both hospitals.  Dr Rob Archer and Dr Scott Macliver are regular surgical assistants at St John of God Hospital with local orthopaedic surgeons. Dr Tanya Coulson is a regular surgical assistant with local specialist gynaecological and obstetric surgeons.  These experiences outside the clinic environment ensure that we have a wide network of relationships with our local hospitals and specialists, along with additional insights and knowledge that we can draw on to assist our patients in the general practice environment.

Home Visits by Arrangement

In the interests of equity in health care, we recognise that from time to time in our community, some patients will find getting to the practice extremely difficult. Our doctors may, by prior arrangement, agree to home visits. This will usually be in exceptional circumstances relating to serious medical conditions preventing the patient from attending the surgery.  Telehealth is now another option for those that struggle to attend the surgery.

Eaton Medical Centre & Skin Clinic

13 Albatross Crescent | EATON  WA  6232 | Phone: (08) 9724 3311

Australind Medical Centre & Skin Clinic

1 Mulgara St | AUSTRALIND  WA  6233 | Phone: (08) 9797 4777