The Stars of COVID-19 Nomination

The Stars of COVID-19 campaign was launched by the WA branch of the Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM). Read on for the reason for nomination of the Eaton and Australind Medical Centre’s, submitted by Practice General Manager- Michael Robertson.

As information changed hourly, this organisation setup administrative and practical solutions to problems that were facing all health services. Planning for patient services and staff safety were undertaken with an inclusive management style, allowing all levels of staff to have input to how changes were being made. Although senior management made the final decision, inclusiveness of all opinions was seen throughout the decision making process. This promoted a calm approach to very rapid change, ensuring that patients were not frightened to contact the practice and ensuring they were receiving appropriate information. New channels of communication with the community were instigated. GPs setup explanatory videos, changes to item numbers were completed seamlessly and telehealth was setup. Each challenge was addressed and answered. The Obstetric qualified GPs worked with the local health service to plan how antenatal services could be transferred to Eaton & Australind Medical Centres, relieving stress from their organisation.  This occurred following 12 months of organisational change with a number of staff being made redundant within 2 weeks of the start of the ‘crisis’.

The staff of Eaton & Australind Medical Centres have risen to face the challenges of the COVID 19 crisis. They were still in the midst of organisational change, including reduction of staff, but rose up to meet the challenges of the crisis. This demonstrated all that is good in people within the health industry. They focussed on the needs and safety of the patient, with selfless attitudes, and were ready to change service delivery models within hours. This has included the undertaking to continue bulking billing of clients well past the parameters given by the Department of Health, to ensure the community will consider its health before wondering if they can afford it.

Everyone has worked ‘above and beyond the call of duty’, and I believe this recognition is a fitting outcome for their selflessness to the community of Bunbury. I could not be any prouder of any other group of individuals that I have worked with in a career spanning 40 years in the health industry.

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