Small Area Liposuction and Fat Transfer

Dr Archer is trained in the use of the Body Jet® Eco system to perform small area liposuction procedures.  Examples of small areas include, but are not limited to, the back of the upper arms or under the chin.  The Body Jet® Eco system is unique in that it uses a water jet at the same time as suction to spray a solution containing local anaesthetic and adrenaline ahead of the suction to loosen the fat cells and provide anaesthesia.  The suction is such that the captured fat globules are reduced to a size that makes them suitable for immediate transfer to use as a contouring filler, usually to the face, but also in areas such as the back of the hands.  When applied by a skilled practitioner, these fat globules are of a size that allows vascularisation of the new tissue with up to 80% of the transferred fat remaining in place.

There are a number of advantages to using fat transfer instead of synthetic dermal fillers.  Firstly, it is your own tissue so the chances of having an allergic reaction are almost negligible.  Secondly, synthetic dermal fillers are sold by the mL and you are generally limited by cost as to how many mL can be applied.  When obtaining fat for transfer, up to 200mL can be obtained.  We are not limited by volume and can concentrate solely on how much is required to achieve your desired results.  Finally, your fat contains certain types of cells called mesenchymal stem cells (sometimes also called adipose derived stem cells).  These are cells that are capable of differentiating into a number of different tissue types, including collagen.  More information can be found in the Musculoskeletal Section on these cells.

For more information on the procedure please book an appointment to discuss with Dr Archer.